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JCE.   Java Cryptography Extension.   A software extension to the Java Platform that provides a framework for implementing security features such as encryption, key generation and agreement, symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms.


JMX.   Java Management Extensions.   The standard toolset for managing and monitoring Java-based applications, system objects, devices, networks, and other resources.


JPEG.   Joint Photographic Experts Group.   A file format and image-compression standard used for photographs, scanned pictures, single video frames, and other graphics. Supported and widely used on the Internet, JPEG files can be exploited by threat actors and used to deliver malware into a computer system or network. Also rendered as JPG.


JS.   JavaScript.   A programming language used by a nearly all websites to set webpage behavior and considered among the core technologies of the World Wide Web.


JSON.   JavaScript Object Notation.   An open standard file format and a text-based protocol for storing and exchanging data that is easy for humans to read and write, and for machines to generate and parse.


JSP.   Jakarta Server Pages.   A suite of standard technologies used in building dynamic web pages.


JVM.   Java Virtual Machine.   An abstract (virtual) computer whose implementation is defined by a specification. This virtual computer enables a real computer to run Java programs and applications.


JWT.   JSON Web Token.   An open standard for sharing security information (i.e., keys, tokens) between a client device and a server. Signed using a cryptographic algorithms, JWTs come in small sizes, allowing them to be sent via a URL, a POST parameter, or inside an HTTP header.

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