IT Support for Construction

Speed and Value. That’s what we bring to the Construction Industry.

We know you often need help early in the morning – so we’ve got engineers ready to assist then.  They’ll answer your call inside 60 seconds.

We know your team sends large files back and forth – so we manage your network to keep it operating fast.

We know that with multiple site offices, it’s easy for Information Security to fall by the wayside – so we ensure all files are backed-up securely, and regularly tested.

That’s just a few ways in which we know the Construction industry.

If Speed and Value are what you’re looking for, we should talk.

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Key Features of our IT Support for Construction Services

Australian-based Service Desk

All our team are located in Australia. We speak plainly and get to the heart of your issues fast. You can rely on our clear communication.

All-inclusive Managed Services

Level 1-3 Service Desk, Backup testing and restoration, Emergency response, On-site attendance, Extended Hours of service and more are all included.

Fast Resolution

More than 90% of managed IT service tickets are resolved at the first level of contact, in the first call or email.

Extended hours of service

When you arrive on-site early and find your technology isn’t working, we’ll be ready to take your call. Extended hours of service through the day mean more support for you.

No more “fingers-crossed” at 6am

We support companies like yours all the time. You can rely on the availability of your IT assets – no more hoping that you’ll be able to do your job properly each day.

Network Management

We’ll ensure your on-site teams have fast yet secure and cost-effective networks so they can do their jobs properly. We manage the data carriers, network hardware and software.

Large files aren’t a problem

Your engineers need access to large files without interrupting network access for other users. We have a number of solutions to that issue.

We cater for your mobile workforce

Site Wi-Fi, local phone networks and securing company data on BYOD phones are all par for the course. We’re the go-to partner for mobile computing.

Built in Disaster Preparation

We proactively identify the information risks in your network and business processes and take steps to mitigate against them.

Built in Disaster Preparation

We proactively identify the information risks in your network and business processes and take steps to mitigate against them.

One-stop IT Shop

Managed IT Services, Project Services, Procurement. You can get everything you need in the world of IT from Computer One.

Nationwide Service Delivery

We have boots on the ground where you need them in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Beyond that, we can visit your remote locations as required.

Large Team

38 full-time staff and a cohort of more than 50 specialists around the country are ready to provide the exact service combination you require.

We fit with your internal team

We are past masters at integrating with internal IT teams, freeing your staff from frontline support so they can concentrate on items of strategic importance.

Competitive Pricing

We regularly test the market on prices and usually place in the 70th percentile on cost. Not the cheapest, but typically the best value (if we do say so ourselves!).

These clients trust our Managed IT Support for Construction services.


We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your IT Support. 

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