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Amid an ever-changing security landscape, our consulting provides some welcome certainty for you and your company.

Our Information Security Consultants help you understand your threats, and prevent and respond to them.

Your information security management system (ISMS) protects sensitive data and information. Our information security management program ensures this is the case at all times.

Our team consults with some of Australia’s best-known brands on their information security strategy and needs.  We keep availability high while ensuring their networks are protected from potential threats, their brands are secure and they are compliant with legislation.

If you’re looking for an Information Security Manager, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

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Our IT Security Management Services

We provide a range of services to assist you with information security management systems.

IT Security Audit

A comprehensive analysis of systems, documentation and procedures across all or part of your company. Weaknesses in information security are highlighted for remedial action, which is described in step-by-step detail as part of the audit report.

IT Security Training

Preventing security incidents with executive 1:1, software-based or classroom training for your general staff on IT Security practices to adopt. Increases staff resistance to compromise via email fraud, phone and chat-based social engineering.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services for companies that don’t need a full-time CISO. A C-Level consultancy offering security governance, process development and auditing.

Board Advisory

Straight-talking advice to your board to address your information security concerns and minimise your exposure to the impacts of a successful attack or data breach.

Security Documentation

Development of clear and concise information security policies and other documentation to communicate company expectations to staff, suppliers and government authorities. Develop from scratch or update existing policies to reflect current standards and technology.

Security Governance

Making information security core to the company fabric, Security Governance consulting establishes a management and reporting framework to drive the organisation’s security practices. Can include document creation, creation of security metrics, policies, security committee selection, budgeting and resource allocation.

Vulnerability Assessments

Proactively monitoring systems for information security risks. Conducted from the inside looking out, the vulnerability assessment highlights potential weaknesses in software and policies/processes that can be tested in penetration testing.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Planning for resilience in the event of a range of business interruption scenarios. Our team will execute a predetermined Disaster Recovery plan when required. Includes regular testing at the scale that suits your requirements (simulated, partial or full-scale testing).

Proper Asset Identification

Assessing the value and risk associated with information assets. We construct and implement the necessary security requirements to protect them.

Mapping PII across the network

Detecting the presence of PII (Personally Identifiable Information – emails, phone numbers, names, addresses, birthdates, credit card numbers and more) on endpoints and servers in your network. Allows you to understand its distribution and enforce policies to control its use.

Penetration Testing

Using real life attack scenarios with harmless payloads to test the efficacy of your information security systems. You get a comprehensive report and proposed remedial actions to address any gaps.

Independent Breach Analysis

If you know or suspect a breach has occurred in your network, we can analyse it to determine the likely entry points, timing and scale. This service is useful if you need a second opinion at arms-length from your in-house team or current provider.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adding multi-factor authentication to your security processes is one of the Essential Eight mitigation strategies against Cyber Incidents, published by the Australian Cyber Security Centre. We make sure the project goes smoothly and achieves its goals.

Notifiable Data Breach Planning

Many companies are now subject to the Notifiable Data Breaches amendment to the Privacy Act. We create a plan that means if and when a data breach occurs your actions are guided and you don’t panic.

Competitive Price

We regularly test the market on prices and usually place in the 70th percentile on cost. Not the cheapest, but typically the best value (if we do say so ourselves!).

ISO 27001 Audit Preparation

Pre-certification consulting to create a plan for improvement prior to your official ISO 27001 certification assessment. We work with you to implement the recommendations. Our service speeds up the process of gaining accreditation.

Cyber Security Solutions

Offering a range of services from our cyber security professionals to help you identify and mitigate risks, protect your data and applications, and ensure compliance with information security management standards and industry regulations. This includes risk assessment, data protection procedures and incident response.

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