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In the bustling digital landscape of Sydney, where technology brings unprecedented opportunities, it also opens doors to increasingly sophisticated threats. The risk of a successful cyber security attack against your organisation rises every year and cannot be underestimated.

As one of Sydney’s premier cyber security companies, Computer One understands and combats many different kinds of cyber threats. Our cutting-edge technology solutions offer security for Sydney organisations wishing to mitigate the risk of an attack or significant system failure.

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Our cyber security services Sydney

Cyber security risk assessments

Providing mitigation strategies through proactive risk identification, assessment and evaluation. 

Network security

Enhance your cyber resilience with strategies involving secure design, firewall implementation, endpoint detection and response, SIEM and secure remote access solutions.

Security awareness training

Educate your staff on the importance of cyber security and the role they can play in protecting your organisation’s data and information. 

Essential Eight Security audits

Ensure your organisation meets the Essential Eight model through a comprehensive assessment and clear improvement recommendations. 

Incident response

Protecting your organisation through tailored business continuity and disaster recovery plans and procedures, as well as providing incident response systems.

Cloud security

Secure your cloud services and block access to unwanted external parties with ongoing monitoring and assessment. 

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Why Is Cyber Security So Important?

Information technology’s seamless integration into daily life offers immense benefits yet introduces significant cyber threats. The role of cyber security in combatting such threats is critical. Computer One recognises the value of information as an asset and prioritises its protection.

Cyber security is vital for defending data, maintaining operational integrity, and averting breaches. We proactively detect, evaluate, and neutralise information security risks to ensure your organisation is protected. Our strategies prevent data breaches, secure networks, and strengthen cloud services, offering robust defence against new and evolving cyber threats.

At its core, cyber security is fundamental to your organisation’s future. Choosing Computer One means selecting a partner adept at adapting our security measures to face new challenges and keep you safe.

Why Choose Computer One for Cyber Security Solutions?

At Computer One, we understand that every business in Sydney is unique, and our cyber security solutions reflect this. We don’t provide generic, one-size-fits-all strategies. Our tailored approaches are crafted to align precisely with your specific needs. This ensures that your organisation receives a comprehensive defence against evolving cyber threats while accommodating the intricacies of your operations.

We pride ourselves on identifying a broad range of potential threats before they materialise, offering a level of security that goes beyond the ordinary. This foresight ensures that your organisation remains steps ahead in the face of emerging cyber risks, allowing you to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence.

Computer One invests in the latest advancements, ensuring that your organisation benefits from the most innovative tools available for cyber security. Our commitment to technological excellence guarantees that your digital assets are protected by the best solutions in the industry.

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