Business Intelligence Services

Give your staff and management team access to better information on-demand and achieve critical business advantage.

Make smarter decisions, faster.  That’s the promise of Business Intelligence (BI).

Our BI team are long-time experts at linking seemingly disparate data sources and transforming the data they hold into insights that you just can’t get any other way.

Give your staff and management team access to better information on-demand and achieve critical business advantage with a BI project.

If you’re looking for Business Intelligence Services, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

Stages of our Business Intelligence Services

Stage 1 Business Intelligence Project

Stage 1: Project Foundations

Executive Workshop

Here we define the goals for Business Intelligence. What are you trying to achieve, what insights will you need to facilitate the outcome and what data will be required to drive those insights?

Define the Business Intelligence Strategy

Map Business Processes and determine how BI will achieve the goals you described in the workshop. Processes and workflow may need to be adjusted to make use of the new intelligence.

Discover and Assess Your Data

We get our hands dirty assessing your current data. Locations, format of data and the steps required to link it all together. We identify gaps and recommend solutions to close them.

Architectural Evaluation

We look behind the scenes to confirm that the architecture supporting your data can support the BI platform’s requirements on top.

Proof of Concept

Before we proceed to a full solution, we prove to you that the outcomes you want are indeed possible with a proof of concept.

Tool Selection

Different analytical and visualisation tools are suited to different data sets and the outcomes you want. We’ll make an assessment of the tool set that best suits your requirements.

Business Requirements Documentation

The final step in Stage One is to formalise the inputs and outputs to and from the BI project. This concludes Stage One and permits Stage Two to commence

Stage 2: Project Staging

Visualisation Modelling

Design of dashboards, graphs and customised reports. Using real data examples, we’ll show you what’s possible beyond the proof of concept we’ve already delivered.

Data warehouse modelling

If we’re building a new data source from which we’ll draw the data that powers your insights, this is the point where we’ll be doing that design work.

OLAP/In-memory database modelling

For premium performance using very large data sets, the combined data sources need to be stored in one database, and our engineers will determine the database format that best suits your goals.

Stage 2 Business Intelligence

Stage 3 Business Intelligence

Stage 3: Project Implementation

Data Migration

If we need to migrate data from current platforms to new, this is the stage when that step happens.

Reporting & Dashboard development

A successful BI project puts key information in the hands of your team. We’ll be finalising the design of your reports and/or management dashboards in this step.

Self-Service BI development

We build self-service into the plan for every Business Intelligence Services project we work on. That’s the best way to deliver exceptional value to your users.


Of course, there’s a launch day where the new tool(s) is/are fully deployed. From that day on, you’ll achieve new competitive advantage and make smarter decisions, faster.

Stage 4: Training and Support

Training and Support

We train your staff how to use the self-service options in the selected analysis and reporting tool to drive their own data insights, and we continue to offer support beyond the go-live.

All the IP is yours – Project Documents

When you work with us, we don’t hold any of your information to ransom. You get all the project documentation to allow you to run the BI solution yourself without our assistance if you wish.

Stage 4 Business Intelligence

World-class Service is Standard

The international benchmark for client satisfaction with Managed IT Services is the Net Promoter Score.  It’s the same, standardised question no matter where y ou go: “On a scale from 1-10, how likely would you be to refer our service to colleagues and friends?”

We regularly test and benchmark our NPS against the best IT providers in the world, and our score rivals and exceeds them every month.  Our Managed IT Service is quite honestly, World-Class.

We’re very proud and have worked hard to achieve it.  It’s your promise of excellent service.

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