IT Services for Mining

We’re used to the heat. And the dust. And the flies.

Remote service specialists

Mining IT Services aren’t glamorous, but the challenge is superb.

We love connecting mines in the middle of nowhere back to the rest of the world, then optimising the connection to allow you and your team to do things you can only dream of at the moment.

We specialise in working for junior miners, helping them move from exploration to full production cost-effectively.

We also help those companies that are aligned with the industry, like drillers and civil contractors.

If you’re looking for an expert in IT for Mining, you’re looking for us.  Let’s talk.

IT Support for Mining. A Miner looks at the camera

Key Features of our Mining IT Services

We’ve done it all before

Unless you’re going to drill on the moon, we’ve got the experience you need on tap and ready to respond.

We’ll meet you on-site

We’re used to Rugged IT – the kind where you have to get on-site and make something happen. That’s our comfort zone. Our staff will regularly travel out to work on projects that need on-site hands.

We optimise mine site network traffic

We help your engineers get more done during the day and we keep your camp happy with Instagram, Facebook, Netflix etc. at night. We deliver cost-effective network solutions.

We don’t over-specify

The challenge with a mine in exploration mode is to deliver as much as possible on a limited budget. And when a mine is fully productive the challenge is to get full value out of prior investments. We don’t offer gold-plated solutions – just exactly what you need.

We can look after Head Office too

We’re as good at looking after CBD headquarters as we are in the outback. Your staff will be surprised and delighted with our service levels.

Australian-based Service Desk

All our team are located in Australia. We speak plainly and get to the heart of your issues fast. You can rely on our clear communication.

All-inclusive Managed Services

Level 1-3 Service Desk, Backup testing and restoration, Emergency response, On-site attendance, Extended Hours of service and more are all included.

One-stop IT Shop

Managed IT Services, Project Services, Procurement. You can get everything you need in the world of IT from Computer One.

Fast Resolution

More than 90% of managed IT service tickets are resolved at the first level of contact, in the first call or email.

Large Team

38 full-time staff and a cohort of more than 50 specialists around the country are ready to provide the exact service combination you require.

We fit with your internal team

We are past masters at integrating with internal IT teams, freeing your staff from frontline support so they can concentrate on items of strategic importance.

Competitive Pricing

We regularly test the market on prices and usually place in the 70th percentile on cost. Not the cheapest, but typically the best value (if we do say so ourselves!).

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We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your Mining IT Support. 

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