SharePoint Application Development and Consulting

Out-of-the-box configuration or brand-new SharePoint application development?

It’s your choice.  We’ll create a scoping document that lays out all your goals and how we’re going to achieve them inside Sharepoint.  Then we’ll bring your vision to life, fast.

Whatever your needs, we can find a way to meet them in SharePoint.  Let’s talk.

If you’re looking for SharePoint Development, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

Our SharePoint Application Development Capabilities

Build a Secure Document Management System

Securely access multiple file versions from any location, with accurate tracking of the current status. Easily upload and share new files.

Build a Knowledge Base

Useful for reducing the load on internal company “experts,” a knowledge base will give your staff the means to locate the answers to all their questions.

Business Process Automation

Automate tasks like leave applications, company vehicle sign-outs and meeting room allocations. With SharePoint workflows we can make these processes seamless.

SharePoint Application Development

Need an application that just doesn’t exist in the SharePoint universe? We will create it for
you using world’s best practice development processes.

SharePoint Architecture

Got a large workforce spread across many locations? You’ll need our skills in designing architecture to deliver SharePoint’s services under a heavy load.

SharePoint Design Customisation

When SharePoint’s native templates just aren’t engaging enough, our experienced design and development team can make your end-users’ experience easy and attractive.

Migration your SharePoint Sites to Latest Versions

SharePoint is always receiving updates that bring new functionality. But migrating to latest versions is not always straightforward. We handle the project planning and execution.

Strategy and Governance

Helping plan how SharePoint is going to be a useful part of your business infrastructure going forward, and how to ensure it has the correct controls in place to support company policies.

Fast Deployment Out-of-the-Box

SharePoint comes with some powerful configuration options right out of the box. We’ll help you deploy a solution quickly with the correct architecture driving the user experience.

On-Premises, Cloud-hosted or SharePoint Online

Our team can execute on all these platforms to give you the SharePoint experience you require. Match SharePoint to your preferred software consumption profile.

World-class Service is Standard

Our clients consistently report that our services are world-class.  How do they do that?  Via our Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

NPS is a calculated score that can be anywhere from -100 to +100.  It’s derived by asking a simple question: “On a scale from zero to ten, how likely are you to refer Computer One to a friend or colleague?” 

Scores of 9 or 10 are regarded as promoters.  7 and 8 are passives, not spreading the good word about your business but not a risk to your reputation either.  Scores from 0-6 are regarded as detractors – people who would, if prompted, probably say something negative about your company based on a poor experience.

NPS is a universal question that allows you to compare the level of customer satisfaction between one service provider and the next. 

Computer One’s NPS consistently outperforms the average for the IT sector (+62) and all competitors we have managed to benchmark against.  In a very real sense, we deliver world-class service.

Let’s talk about your SharePoint Application Development requirements. 

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