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Our team provides the appropriate response to achieve your information security objectives.

Information security has become a specialisation – it’s practically impossible for an in-house team to be experts in all aspects of risk mitigation.  Security-as-a-Service is the answer. Engage the Computer One security team to address your security needs.

Whether it’s a disaster recovery, mitigating a denial of service attack, stopping a malicious insider stealing company secrets or the need to ensure malware cannot run on your network, our team provides the appropriate response to achieve your information security objectives.

Pick any or all of the services below and combine them into your monthly IT Security-as-a-Service as a standalone or as part of a broader managed IT service. 

If you’re looking evaluating different Security-as-a-Service vendors, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

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Application Whitelisting

The No. 1 strategy for mitigating against cyber attacks according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). We have deployed many whitelisting projects and every time the malware incidence has dropped to zero.

Constant Patching

No. 2 on the ACSC’s list of eight critical strategies for mitigating against cyber security attacks, regular patching is critical but often overlooked. We make sure you’re always up-to-date without suffering software conflicts.

Email Protection and Backup

We provide a multiple vendor solution to email protection and secure backup. Compliant with all legal hold requirements, you can be confident that your email is going to be highly available, free from malware and secure at all times.

Deny Advanced Persistent Threats

Machine-learning software agents that can detect what typical and atypical behaviour looks like on your network. Catches signatureless malware that stays silent on your network, stealing computer resources or exfiltrating data.

Managed Back-ups

Continual back-up administration and testing, to ensure that when it’s needed, your vital data is available. Also includes retrieval of accidentally-deleted files at any point.

Data Leakage Protection

Email was never intended to be the de-facto file repository that many firms use it for. We provide industry-leading software that controls access to files and permissions over what can be done with the data via email and in-house.

User Identity and Access Management

We ensure that new and existing users are provisioned the access they require at the right time and that retired users are offboarded swiftly, to remove the risk of unauthorised communication or information access.

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Permanent scanning and matching of the software running on your network against a database of tens of thousands of vulnerabilities. It gives you early warning against possible attack vectors.

Security Incident Event Management

Automated gathering of security-related events from end-user devices, servers, network devices, firewalls or intrusion prevention systems. Events are forwarded to a central management console where our analysts diagnose and remediate security incidents.

Security Training/Testing

Software-driven testing of your staff’s resistance to clicking on unknown links and attachments. We offer training on the risks and follow-up testing to score your team, identify the highest risk individuals and work with them to resist attack.

Network Agents

Agents running on your network examining the data moving between internal IP addresses and externally. They watch for suspicious behaviour that is flagged by machine learning algorithms for further investigation.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella can detect and stop the exfiltration of data automatically. The Umbrella IP filtering service handles more than 175 billion daily internet requests and can automatically prevent the loss of data in a mass attack.

Monthly updates

We’ll ensure you’re kept up-to-date with reports covering every aspect of the service you’ve structured with us. These updates are a two-way conversation where we ensure that your security platform matches your business activities.

World-class Service is Standard

We offer the kind of performance that you wish you got from all IT providers.  And we can prove it.  Our Net Promoter Score, the internationally-recognised client satisfaction benchmark, is consistently at the level regarded as world class (+70).

We test our score regularly and benchmark against the world’s best IT companies.  Our score rivals and exceeds them every month.  That’s how we know that we’re one of the industry’s best providers.

Talk to us about our approach to Security-as-a-Service and you’ll see.

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