Network Security Management

Protect your data and your brand against a damaging breach.

Increase control of your network with our comprehensive Network Security Management services.

We have a Network Security team that specialises in analysing your current network against the requirements of your business, finding security gaps and taking remedial action to close them, to protect your data and your brand against a damaging breach.

If you’re looking for comprehensive Network Security, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

Network Security.  A man works with a security testing device to test the security of a client's network.

Network Security Management Features

Network Security Audits

Detailed mapping and auditing of your network to find weak points that could be exploited. Involves a mix of software agents and human analysis. We produce a comprehensive report and can then execute its recommendations.

Secure Network Design

Many kinds of network breach can be mitigated with strong network design. We have many years of experience in designing networks with multiple layers of security that are still very cost-effective for your company.

Network Security-as-a-Service

If you prefer, we can offer an all-in-one network security solution. We take complete responsibility for discovering risks in your network, taking corrective action to close them and then 24/7 monitoring and security response to keep your company safe.

Independent Breach Analysis

If you know or suspect a breach has occurred in your network, we can analyse it to determine the likely entry points, timing and scale. This service is useful if you need a second opinion at arms-length from your in-house team or current provider.

In-depth Security Consulting

Board Level Advisory, Executive Security Training, Penetration Testing and more are on offer. Computer One is a single-source provider of the exact security solution you require.

Be Prepared for a Breach… just in case

Numerous recent case studies show that a data breach can still occur, even in the most secure networks.  So our default position is that your company will experience one, whether it’s an employee mistake or a malicious attack by an external party.

By assuming that a data breach is always a possibility, we can design resilience into your network.

Secure backups, redundant network failovers, low Recovery Time Objectives (the time it takes to restore you to where you were before the breach) and frequent Recovery Point captures balanced against the operational and cost considerations of your business mean that IF you do experience a network breach, you can bounce back in quick time and continue with operations. 

In effect, we design out the immediate impact of a breach.

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