Link Aggregation

We specialise in finding solutions to tricky problems – like bandwidth management.

If you’re in an area without access to the latest internet technologies you can take advantage of Link Aggregation to “speed up” the internet for your company.

Or if your business is the kind that needs network redundancy so that you can keep operating in the event of losing one internet connection, aggregation may be the answer here too.

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If you’re looking for a Link Aggregation provider, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

Link Aggregation. A man wields networking cable like a lasso, taming your computer network
Paul can tame your network

Link Aggregation Features

Get More Done

Combining multiple links to act as one logical interface is the equivalent of creating a much bigger pipe for internet traffic. Better services and more staff productivity is expected.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Get more out of your existing infrastructure just by adding one or more new links. Eliminate bottlenecks cause by power users that slow down the network, causing a failure.

Boost Resilience

When one link fails, your entire network is not compromised. Although bandwidth decreases, the network remains up. We can even configure a backup network.

That’s why you always receive World-class service at Computer One.

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