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As the Practice Manager or IT Manager, you know the prime objective is to keep the firm billing. Interruptions that affect billables cannot be tolerated.

We understand.  And we know how to give you that outcome, every day of the year.

From placing our staff on-site, integrating with your in-house team to free up their time or tackling a particular information security challenge, we’re the go-to team for law firm IT support.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

Computer One are experienced providers of IT support for Law Firms.

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Why Computer One?

When we ask that same question, here’s what law firms and others tell us:

“Hi, your team member was quick and efficient…got the job done quickly and stayed to double check that everything was working correctly.  Thank you =)”

“Very efficient in response and more than happy to help. The team members are really nice and fix all of our enquiry concerns.”

“Prompt service; a competent, knowledgeable engineer sorted my problem very quickly.”

Those are the kind of comments we hear all the time.  The underlying reason we get them is that we deliver on our values. We don’t just provide IT Support for Law Firms that satisfies our service level agreements – our team members go above and beyond because that’s the fundamental value we prize.  Team members are acknowledged for their efforts and measured according to how well they deliver on all our values.

Key Service of our IT Support for Law Firms

Australian-based Service Desk

All our team are located in Australia. We speak plainly and get to the heart of your issues fast. You can rely on our clear communication.

All-inclusive Managed Services

Level 1-3 Service Desk, Backup testing and restoration, Emergency response, On-site attendance, Extended Hours of service and more are all included.

On-site team members

If you would feel more comfortable with a team member visiting a few times per week or stationed on-site permanently, we can provide it,

We fit with your internal team

We are past masters at integrating with internal IT support teams, freeing your staff from frontline support so they can concentrate on items of strategic importance.

Practice Management System Knowledge

We support many different kinds of practice management system. Our experience means we’re an effective representative to vendors and can often achieve a quicker fix.

24 x 7 monitoring

We watch over your network and applications every day. Our automated agents continually test your software just like a human would, so we will quickly detect any issue that might threaten productivity or security.

Risk Identification and Mitigation

We will discover the inherent risks in your system and mitigate against them. Our experience with other law firms means we’ll be able to close the security gaps faster.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

If you need it, we’ll design a backup regime and disaster recovery plan that will see you back up and running quickly, with very little data at risk in the event of a business interruption like a fire.

Get a Faster Network

Often we find legal clients staying with outdated network connections because they just don’t know what the best alternative is. We’ll design you a network that outperforms your current connection without breaking the bank.

Legal Cloud Experts

We know how law firms like to keep their data under wraps. We also know how to safely migrate some or all of your workload and storage to the cloud for cost efficiency and increased information security.

One-stop IT Shop

Managed IT Services for Lawyers, Project Services, New computers. You can get everything you need in the world of IT from Computer One.

Fast Resolution

More than 90% of managed IT support tickets for lawyers are resolved at the first level of contact, in the first call or email.

Nationwide Service Delivery

We have boots on the ground where you need them in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Beyond that, we can visit your branch offices as required.

Large Team

38 full-time staff and a cohort of more than 50 specialists around the country are ready to provide the exact service combination you require.

Competitive Pricing

We regularly test the market on prices and usually place in the 70th percentile on cost. Not the cheapest, but typically the best value (if we do say so ourselves!).

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your IT Support. 

Please call us on 1300 667 871 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch quickly.


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