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Computer One ready to help with PC deployments

On-site IT Staff. Computer One staff pose for the camera

The challenge of COVID-19 has led many businesses to undertake a rapid pivot in their usual business operations. With half or more people now working from home, the workload on the nation’s IT departments is very demanding.

Computer One has responded by making staff available for on-site or remote deployment, to complement the IT Teams of our clients.

Drawing on many years of experience in integrating our team with others, we now offer experienced frontline service desk team members, based in Brisbane. They can:

  • Triage support requests
  • Integrate with your service desk team
  • Follow an in-house support guide
  • Build and test new devices
  • Handle shipping
  • Install and cable devices
  • Update your asset register
  • Migrate data…and much more.

They can work on-site or remote, during regular business hours or after-hours.  

Above all, our team is good at getting up-to-speed quickly and can be productive in short order.

If you would like some extra hands and feet in the next few weeks, please reply to this email or call Rob or Ryan on 1300 667 871.


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