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Want to achieve ISO27001 certification but struggling to make headway? Computer One has you covered.

ISO 27001 Information Security certification. A mature male looks confused as he reads reams of paper that are the ISO27001 standard.

ISO27001 has been described as “quality management on steroids” thanks to the depth of effort and level of compliance your firm must demonstrate to secure a certificate of confidence from an assessor.

The key hurdle for many established organisations is aligning their existing in-house information security policies and processes to the ISO27001 format.  It can be a difficult process without an experienced guide and leaves many firms wondering if they will have to start again and rebuild their security framework from scratch to be compliant.  The perception of the scale of effort can cause a certain kind of paralysis.

Combating that inertia is where Computer One helps.  We can interpret the requirements of ISO27001 and compare them to your in-house security framework, identify the gaps, changes or upgrades required and create a plan for implementation across a timeframe that suits your organisation.  Then, if you like, we can either collaborate with and project manage your in-house team to execute the plan, or conduct the whole implementation for you.

If your organisation has multiple locations, either domestic or international, that you want to be covered in the scope of your ISO27001 certification, it can present an issue, as your auditor will want to visit those branches over time and confirm the same compliance to policy and process as your head office.  This is where our global project management, ISO27001 and specialist information security experience intersect to achieve an outcome that would otherwise be quite difficult to deliver.

Get your ISO27001 plan in a single workshop

If pursuing ISO27001 accreditation is on your technology roadmap but you are struggling to make headway on the project, contact us.  In a single, standalone workshop that runs around three to four hours, we will create a plan for how you can align your information security policies and processes to conform to ISO27001 and pass an audit inside the next 6-12 months.

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