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Has COVID-19 exposed your business to a data leakage risk?

Data Leakage Protection Brisbane. A hose has a leak in it, symbolising leaking data

If yours is one of the thousands of companies with staff operating from home right now, what protections do you have in place over your company data? Can your employees view, email, save and print it without restrictions?

If the answer is “yes” then you might have a problem.

Even well-intentioned employees can increase the risk of a data breach by saving data to the local device or a removable hard drive, by emailing it to the wrong recipient or by printing it and losing track of the printed pages down the track.

Someone intending to do the wrong thing could have a veritable field day.

What kinds of data are at risk?

Without controls it could be anything: emails, invoices, sensitive client information, your company database, passwords, conversation records and more. You name it – if it fell into the wrong hands or was somehow published online, what would be the reputational risk and potential cost to your firm?

The risk of losing control over your data is called Data Leakage. Software and hardware devices that prevent it are referred-to collectively as “Data Leakage Prevention” or DLP tools.

Here’s some good news.

If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 user, you already have some powerful DLP tools within reach – they just need to be configured properly. The software running your network is also likely to offer some DLP features.

Computer One can configure the software that you’re already paying for to limit what employees can do with your data.

We can make control super simple. As easy as a single click to encrypt company data and remove access to files in the event that you no longer want an employee to be able to access them.

This means that employees can work on files natively within Office applications but access can be removed to these files at any time regardless of what device is accessing them – company-owned or BYOD.

There are many bolt-on DLP products too. They give greater power over sharing data with third parties and can enforce restrictions over printing, emailing, the length of time that a file can be viewed and saving. These are important features that minimise the likelihood of a future data breach using data that you’re transacting with third parties today.

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As always, the first step towards stronger data leakage protection is a conversation about your business and how you and your staff members use your data. From there, a tailored solution can be presented.

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