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Are you ready for the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme? How do you know for sure?

How do you comply with the notifiable data breaches scheme.  A male executive looks stressed.

Are you ready for the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme? How do you know for sure?

In less than a month (22nd of February) the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme will come into force in Australia and organisations subject to the Privacy Act will suddenly have to think a lot harder about how they store, access and use personally identifiable information (PII).

If yours is one of the thousands of unprepared companies, make it easy on yourself and consider undertaking a Notifiable Data Breach Assessment from Computer One.

Here’s a brief description of what happens to get you ready…

First of all, we’ll evaluate your risk.

  • We’ll examine where on your network there are already instances of PII.  You’ll be surprised who has downloaded and forgotten about files full of sensitive data on their laptops.
  • We’ll examine the current policies that you have in place governing the use of PII – who can access it, when and where and who has oversight of the processes.
  • Then we’ll evaluate the technology you have in place guarding your PII. We’ll answer questions like: how it is protected at rest and in use? How quickly could you detect and stop a data breach? How would you be able to determine what information was accessed?

After we’ve identified your risks and current technology, we’ll show you the gap between where you are now and best practice for your industry and we’ll propose a remediation plan to close the gap.

Plus we’ll develop a customised data breach response plan with you, so that, in the now-unlikely event of a breach you have a clear set of steps to follow.

Our NDB Assessment is fast and the results are unambiguous. We’ll tell you your position clearly and what you can do about it. If you agree with the steps we propose, we can begin remediation work immediately.  Contact Us today to make a start.

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Here’s a sample data breach response plan you can download and keep today. It’s not a full substitute for a customised response plan, but it’s a good starting point to develop your own.

Remember, in a data breach emergency, you can call on us for swift help to mitigate your responsibility to notify affected individuals, the OAIC (and the media). Call us on 1300 667 871 as soon as you can.

You have just 30 days to investigate a suspected breach. When you suspect one has occurred, call us immediately.


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