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5 Signs Your IT Provider Doesn’t Care About You

Managed IT Service Provider fails - image shows a client being put on hold

Stuck in a one-sided relationship with your IT provider? Spending sleepless nights wondering if they really care? Here are 5 signs which signal that unfortunately, they don’t.

Lack of follow up

It’s nice when your IT support fixes your problem. But it’s even nicer when they check back in afterwards to see if it has reoccurred, or just to see if the matter was resolved to your satisfaction.

And on that note, are they frequently checking in on your customer satisfaction levels, even at the risk of hearing bad news? A good IT provider will take all your feedback on board and do something about it. A bad provider won’t even ask in the first place. When was the last time you were asked?

They keep you waiting when you need support

If you have a time-critical IT issue, the last thing you need is deafening silence. When you call the support line and can’t get through, or you submit an email ticket and no-one calls you back inside 15 minutes, it’s the ultimate indicator that your provider doesn’t care. 

Don’t fall into the trap of letting that poor response become the norm.  Ask them to keep to their SLA’s in your next monthly meeting.

You’ve grown, but your monthly bill hasn’t

Now this one might have you saying “Hey wait a second…” But hear us out. A company that genuinely cares will pay close attention to your staff levels and adjust billing accordingly. Still doesn’t sound like a win, does it?  But, if they’re paying close attention to your staff increases then their service levels should be rising as well, making sure that the level of service they’re providing exactly matches your requirements. Everyone’s a winner!

Your Account Manager has left and there’s been no announcement

Your Account Manager is an integral cog in the machine that keeps your relationship with your IT provider and thus your support, functioning. So, when that cog falls out and isn’t replaced, how is the machine supposed to keep working?

Have they at least told you that there’s been an internal change and kept you up-to-date about his or her replacement?

If there’s an important change in your IT providers business and they care about you, they will communicate.  If they haven’t, they don’t care.

They can’t bring themselves to own their mistakes

Ok, from time to time, we all makes mistakes right? Its human nature to be flawed and imperfect, we all accept that.  But if your IT provider doesn’t accept responsibility for their mistakes and instead deflects, dodges or reverses the blame, then it’s a pretty good indicator that they don’t care about your business.

A company that can own its mistakes and make amends will have your back when you need it the most and will dedicate time and effort to making sure that whatever went wrong is fixed, permanently.

No company can promise you 100% smooth sailing, but we’ll take one that tries it’s best and operates with integrity any day over one that shifts blame because it can’t perceive its own faults. If you’re stuck in a one-sided relationship, give us a call on 1300 667 871 and let’s talk about you. We can talk about your needs, make you a cup of tea and give you the reassurance that you are wanted.


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