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Using Office 365? Here’s how SharePoint can help…and you’re already paying for it!

How can you adapt sharepoint to your business - image features a young woman looking at different screen types all configured for different SharePoint applications
  1. Does your organisation have more than 2 people in it?
  2. Do you ever need to share information and collaborate on a document?
  3. Are you using Office 365 E1, E3 or E5?
  4. Now…are you using SharePoint?

If you answered “yes” to the first three questions but “no” to the last, you are missing out on value you’re already paying for!  And not just a small amount of value either.

SharePoint is one of the hidden gems of Office 365.  It’s a ready-built platform for document collaboration and workflow that comes set up with everything you need, right out of the box.

Completely integrated with other Microsoft Office applications, SharePoint allows you to share important company documents based on an individual’s folder access permissions, rather than setting viewing permissions on individual files.

But it doesn’t stop at simply seeing and downloading documents. 

Version History and Collaborative Editing

Files can be checked out, edited and checked-in with each prior version available as a roll-back.  They can even be edited live, in real-time by more than one person.  This is a fantastic feature for time-sensitive document editing.

File Templates

You can set SharePoint to open a new document of the exact type that you require when creating a new file in a particular folder.  Not only that, but the file can be created with prefilled information in a unique template.  Save time on document editing.


Documents can be sent for feedback, approvals and signatures automatically when they appear in a given folder, and SharePoint will play the role of sign-off coordinator, ensuring that all parties who need to provide input on a document do so.

So how do you adapt SharePoint for your business?

Like all good things, it starts with a design.  SharePoint is a product that is deployed then customised for each business that uses it according to the business’ specific requirements.

Your SharePoint design will map out how each feature will complement your existing business processes without requiring much change.  You don’t need to adapt your business to SharePoint – it’s the other way around!

For a SharePoint Design, you need a SharePoint Consultant: someone who can look at your current processes, see the degree of alignment that’s already built-in and recommend a starting point to quickly generate a positive return on investment. 

SharePoint is one of those applications you didn’t know you needed until you start to use it.  Then you will find more and more uses for it.

But what about the look?

Many people don’t realise that SharePoint can look and function just like File Explorer.  It doesn’t have to be used as the Internet browser-based version that most of us recall from seeing it at one point or another.

When you use it just like File Explorer, it quickly becomes an integral part of your network.

We are SharePoint Consultants.  Talk to us about what SharePoint can do for your business.

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Author: James Walker

James Walker is the Managing Director and Lead IT Strategist at Computer One.  James writes on all Information Technology topics with a particular interest in information security, office productivity and IT strategy.  Under his leadership, Computer One has made the MSP501 list every year since 2016 and the company consistently posts world-class Net Promoter Score ratings.  When he’s not thinking IT he’s a well-respected yacht navigator who has competed in multiple Sydney-Hobart races.  You can get in touch via LinkedIn


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