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Computer One adds Custom Software Development to its skillset

Custom software developer in action

We’re pleased to announce that we can now develop custom software and business reporting tools for your company. We have expanded our range of products and services based on market feedback from our clients that they need to innovate and become more agile with the help of IT.

Our new team members are experienced programmers with a history of developing applications across a wide range of industries.

We can:

  1. Join disconnected systems to automate workflows and save double-entry of data.
  2. Develop Business Intelligence Dashboards and reporting systems to bring data together and give you the information you need
  3. Extend the life of legacy systems no longer supported by the publisher or running on outdated operating systems
  4. Migrate data without loss from one system to another, so you can upgrade or switch software without having to start again even when there’s no easy migration path
  5. Develop complex web applications so you can do more business with your customers online
  6. Write customised software and apps to fit your business perfectly

If you’ve found that your business is less efficient because of the way your current software requires your team to work, talk to us. We can build and then support software that will fit your workflow better and drive up productivity, for a lower investment than you might think.

All coding is done in Australia so your Intellectual Property is safer and the code base can be supported by local programmers if you want to work on it in-house at a later stage.

Or perhaps you want to take a hybrid path and select off-the-shelf software that can be extended through custom modifications?  We will specify a comprehensive process and then guide you through it to make the choice that fits best before customising the application to deliver on your vision.

We’re keen to talk to you about how we can help make your software fit your business better.

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