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Can You Spot Fake Emails?

Phishing email examples - Can you spot the fake?

Millions of dollars in productivity are lost every single day in Australia thanks to various kinds of ransomware that encrypt company data in a practically unbreakable format and demand payment before releasing it.

And that’s just the attacks that declare themselves.  Millions more damage is being done by signatureless malware hidden inside your trusted applications.

Most of the time, it starts with a single click on a link in a malicious email.

To prove how easy it is to get it wrong and how hard it is to let through legitimate email that looks a bit dodgy, McAfee has produced a short quiz that asks you to decide which of ten emails is malicious versus legitimate.

The results might surprise you, and I guarantee you’ll have a new appreciation for your SPAM filter.

Try it here: …

2021 Update: Unfortunately, the link is no longer current. Talk to us instead about a trial of the Phishline product from Barracuda. We’re seeing good results with it.


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