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What’s Computer One doing right now?

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We thought it might be interesting to let you take a peek behind the curtains at what Computer One is working on right now for a selection of clients. We find the diversity of the challenges quite exciting!

Keeping Pace with a Mine Site in Northwestern QLD

We’ve been on the ground at a outside Mt Isa for the best part of a year. When we joined the project there were just 10 people on site as the mine was in care and maintenance with our client about to embark on further exploration.

During that time, we’ve been conscious to maintain and develop a platform that can be scaled up easily, without wasted investment. We have installed bandwidth management systems from Exinda, and Meraki Wireless networks, deployed Skype for Business, and built a WAN file system, to give them access to critical information, anywhere – anytime.

Today the company is about to operations to full scale production and we look after a team that will be 150 on site by the end of this year. Sending our guys to site is regarded as a bit of a badge of honour within the team, because they’ve proved they can tough it out. It’s all part of the service for us.

Despite the great distance we can resolve most issues remotely. It’s a great example of how to do IT for a mining company well.

Managing the Helpdesk for a Major Australian Retailer and saving three FTE staff

Six of Australia’s best-known fast fashion brands are owned by our Sydney-based client.

Since August 2015 we have been providing a help ticket triage service where we are the first port of call for internal or outsourced IT assistance. Where a ticket can be resolved by our team we provide things such as arranging moves, on-boarding new users, reissuing forgotten passwords, providing printer, scanner and EFTPOS support and lots more.

In all, we have triaged more than 42,000 tickets and resolved more than 27,000 help requests in the last 580 days. That’s the equivalent of 46 tickets every day, or just less than 3 full-time staff.

Instead of handling those low-level queries, the retailer’s team of 20 have been able to concentrate on issues of more strategic importance. They’ve been able to roll out important upgrades to their IT platform and systems.

Without walling themselves off from the front line of those 42,000 enquiries, nearly every IT team member would find themselves losing time each day in correspondence. The IT project pipeline would be well behind schedule.

Today the work continues. We’re still handling around 130 support requests a week, though we have managed to reduce their number through root cause analysis and resolving the causes of recurring issues.

They’ve just announced a half year profit up by 37% and the CEO puts it down to their investment in IT. We can’t claim more than a slice of that success, but we’re proud to have played our part. It’s a great example of how we can work as an integrated part of an in-house IT team.

On-boarding a Major QLD Law Firm

Our client is a firm covering several different classifications of law; from Building and Construction, to Health, Defamation, Debt Recovery, Employment Law and more.

We’re providing an integrated service where their in-house IT staff can raise tickets, assign them to us and be assigned tickets as well. The benefit to the regular staff is that they still have someone on site who can respond quickly to an emergency, and we operate as one team. The benefit to the IT staff is that they don’t have to react to every small emergency, they can control the work they’re doing and have visibility into the work that we’re doing as well.

We’re a little behind on their on-boarding project, because we’ve had some challenges in managing our own growth. But with some staff changes and additions well underway we’re charting a course to get back on track fast.

Managing the Helpdesk for a Large SEQ Charity

We were engaged to rescue our client from the sudden and unfortunate departure of its previous IT Manager. First order of business was an emergency IT response as there were some security issues that required immediate remedial action.

Once the dust settled we began a Managed Helpdesk contract and in that space we’re currently handling service tickets and managing the data services of the client.

It’s another case of integrating with an existing on-site IT resource. Their senior IT Manager runs a tight ship and we’re proud to be playing our part to enable her to report with confidence to management.

Preparing a Transport and Logistics Company for a New Acquisition

One of our clients in the Food Services industry is contemplating a new corporate acquisition. As part of the due diligence process we’ve been engaged to conduct an IT audit on the acquisition target and provide a report on the state of play.

Our team recently visited the target and spent a full day on site, auditing everything from their network configuration to their applications, hardware and current service arrangements. In the process we discovered several potentially damaging issues that could have brought operations to a standstill. Luckily, we found them in time for them to be remediated without future concern and the acquisition can proceed unhindered.

Rolling out an Office 365 Migration for a Public Service Company

Our client provides medical training and private medical services to a variety of QLD industries.

We’ve been engaged to provide support at all levels of IT as well as carry out IT projects.

The next project we’ll be tackling is a migration from on-premises Exchange servers to Exchange Online.

The client’s hardware is ageing, forcing a change-up and the cloud option has the most upside. But it won’t be a direct cutover. We’ll run a hybrid solution until we’re sure we can safely turn off the old exchange server.

Once we’ve successfully migrated Exchange we’ll tackle an upgrade to the Office suite, moving from traditional desktop licenses to Office 365.

Our Sydney Expansion

In case you missed it, we’re expanding into Sydney. Now we have a local base from which to liaise with our existing Sydney clients and we’re looking forward to offering a new managed IT service provider option in Sydney for our prospects.

We’ve been active in Sydney for nearly 7 years, but this marks our first boots on the ground venture.

That’s just a selection of all the activity that’s occurring at the moment. From developing IT Roadmaps for clients large and small, helping businesses secure their networks ahead of mandatory data breach reporting, bringing on board new clients and the constant IT support services that our team handles, we’ve got a full plate and we’re excited about the future.


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