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Confident Cloud Migration – Let Computer One Test WAN Architecture Before You Make a Decision

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Many companies are seeking to undertake cloud migration using a managed services provider, but the WAN services they receive are not always of the quality promised. While the specifications listed by a carrier service may seem to fit your company on paper, the service standard in practice can often fall short of expectations. Latency issues, incorrect prioritisation of traffic and temporary loss of links can all beset your business if network services are not up to par, and the cost of addressing such issues can be significant.

In an effort to help businesses seeking the smoothest possible transition for cloud migration, Computer One is proud to announce a WAN simulation service that can help mitigate those risks.

Measuring the Effects of Voice, Video and Data Traffic on Network Stability

Our service makes use of technology that provides precise information on the throughput, responsiveness and quality of your voice, video and data applications. By simulating the network traffic you will encounter in a manner customised to your business, we are able to identify potential WAN shortfalls.

Our simulation process takes around ten business days, during which we can plug real clients of your company into the simulated network to see if their applications run smoothly. Upon completion of your testing period, we will provide a detailed report on network functionality that will inform your future decisions.

Simulation Services Can Prevent Disruption and Financial Loss

Undertaking cloud migration is a risky proposition without adequate testing, and the costs of oversight can be more than just financial. It is worth considering the loss of productivity that can occur when you commit to a network that cannot support your business. A 5 percent degradation in promised service quality can have a serious effect on productivity, impairing connection to databases, phone connection and data retrieval.

As for financial costs, we have experienced two businesses who have incurred labour costs of $41,000 and $36,000 respectively for reverting to on-premises network service after unsuccessful cloud migration. In addition to the potential financial damage, businesses should also consider the opportunity cost of lost business when being restricted by a WAN service that is below par. Our simulation service will give you peace of mind that your cloud migration investment will be delivered as projected.

To learn more about the customised WAN simulation that Computer One can offer as a managed services provider, give us a call on 1300 667 871 or contact us online.


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