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How safe is your network? You won’t know until you run an Information Security Audit

This week, reports ComputerWorld, an IT Consultant named Steven Oakes was jailed for 3 years for spying on the communications of a share recommendation firm called Port Phillip Publishing (PPP).  In a period from 2012 to 2016, the Victorian man used a device known as a Wi-Fi packet sniffer to copy and then decrypt messages […]

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The Rise of the Guest Network. How we Predict Threats and Restrict Information Access based on Device Types and Users

20 years ago, it was easy to create and administer your own company network. You cabled the computers (typically desktops) in a daisy chain or to a central switch, connected to a modem and accessed the early wonders of Internet and email. There was no such thing as ransomware, data theft was confined to government […]

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New Malware knows when You’re Travelling so Hackers can Strike

As reported in IT News, malware that has a very specific purpose has been found lurking in the Google Play store. It’s called Overseer, and it’s designed to target business travellers going overseas. It steals lots of information for a very specific purpose. Once installed on a user’s Android device, Overseer collects and sends home […]

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