Your Attack Surface is Constantly Changing. How are You Staying on Top?

Did you know that office printers can contain an operating system with wireless access that can be compromised and used to launch an attack on your network? Or that a boardroom camera could be hacked and turned on remotely, to broadcast your conversations to unknown watchers?

Data breaches in businesses of all sizes are growing at an alarming rate. The landscape that you are defending is constantly changing, hackers are becoming more nimble (and automated) than your team can possibly constrain, and your board wants to know what you are doing about it.

Our Continuous Vulnerability Management service gives you the confidence you need to understand your attack surface, focus on attack vectors of most significance and better defend your network.

Automated, Continuous Vulnerability Management. Lightweight and Powerful Protection

We use a tool from Rapid 7, called Nexpose, to continually probe your network and all the devices connected to it for vulnerabilities. New vulnerabilities in common software are discovered every week and added to the product’s database. Currently there are more than 60,000 minor through to critical vulnerability definitions that Nexpose can detect.

Running continual protection means that as new devices are connected to the network, or as new vulnerabilities are exposed, we can generate and interpret a report showing where they are located and what the potential damage would be if they were to be exploited.  That information allows us to make decisions on how to remediate vulnerabilities to prevent them wreaking havoc on your network.

The software takes up minimal space and resources to do its job effectively.

One of the best features is its ability to chain vulnerabilities together. Thinking like a hacker means that two seemingly small or unlikely-to-be-exploited vulnerabilities might be seen to represent a bigger threat than either by itself, allowing you to prevent a breach in time.

Interested, but not ready to commit?

You don’t have to dive straight in to full-time vulnerability management. Let us prove the value of the tool to you with a one-off inspection and report.

The assessment is performed on your network infrastructure, servers, wireless access points, remote access gateways, workstations and connected devices. There are two parts: an internal and external assessment.

For the internal assessment we spin up a virtual machine on your network and use Nexpose to inspect each IP address.

Externally, we run the scan remotely and you simply nominate the resources you want to check.  Then we hit you (gently) with everything we’ve got.

Vulnerability Management is a mixed service in the sense that while the software scan is automated, a human eye is required to interpret the results and determine which identified risks are dangerous if exploited and which do not need immediate attention.

The assessment is conducted over the course of 4 days and at the end we will deliver a comprehensive overview of the state of your network’s vulnerabilities.

We will discuss the results of the test with you, highlight any critical or severe risks, and leave you with concrete recommendations on what to do to remediate any issues that have been found.

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