Get all the Benefits of a Chief Information Security Officer for a Fraction of the Cost

A CISO is the central conductor of security threats to your organisation at all levels: Networks, Infrastructure, Applications, External Services and End-users. He or she is an expert in identifying and mitigating threats to your company that relate to your information.

But they’re expensive. A quick check online will show you that the average CISO salary is $150,000 plus in Australia.

You can get the same level of service and professionalism for a fraction of the cost by employing a Virtual CISO (VCISO) from Computer One.

Our VCISO service means that you get the services of a C-level IT executive with proven security and risk-avoidance abilities, skills in project management, budgeting and compliance, to secure your organisation, cost-effectively.

We work alongside CIO’s and IT Managers

We’re seeing an emergence of the need for Chief Information Security Officers because of the very organized nature of cybercrime these days. The growing number of internet-capable devices that are hitting the market without sufficient security protocols means that, all other things held equal, the balance is tipped in favour of hackers.

Staying on top of it requires specialist knowledge and a single-minded resource who doesn’t have the pressure of ensuring “business-as-usual” in IT to distract from the goal of securing your company. Our VCISO service is a natural complement to your own in-house IT management resources.

We report to your CIO / CFO / IT Manager on strategic projects as well as keeping the management team abreast of the company’s current security status and handling any potential breach situation. 24/7 monitoring means that even though our VCISO won’t have a permanent office in your company, both they and our team will always be on top of any threat.

Are you the right kind of company for a VCISO?

If you’re big enough to be concerned about the impact to your brand in the event of a data breach, if you have regulatory compliance requirements or if you handle anyone else’s data you are the right company for our VCISO service.

Unless you’re a Fortune 500 company you don’t need a permanent security-minded individual sitting at your premises. That’s a waste of resources. Instead, you will benefit from the regular oversight, project management and hacker’s mindset that a VCISO will bring, to make sure your company consistently carries the right security posture and adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape.