It’s so simple that it seems almost trite to write it. But has your organisation made a strategic plan for how your IT function is going to help the rest of the company achieve its goals?

The truth is that most organisations have not. The IT department is seen as a key enabler of the business but it functions almost entirely as a response mechanism, fixing things that are broken and arranging new equipment from time-to-time. It’s not a key driver of competitive advantage and production efficiencies.

That’s why an IT Roadmap is so important.

It’s a written document that ties your IT function into the achievement of your whole organisation’s strategic goals.  It provides a guideline for step-by-step action to achieve the performance that your leadership team requires from every department of the company.

If growth in staff numbers and locations is on the agenda, the plan spells out how they will be facilitated.

If new patents are being obtained, the plan will spell out the security measures around increased IP protection.

If a warehouse extension is planned in 18 months, your IT department will already know the actions it needs to take. It can report on progress in actioning the plan and budget for the activity more than a year ahead of what would otherwise be a responsive action at the last-minute.

We can Help You Create Your First IT Roadmap

We’re experienced in assisting companies like yours to produce IT Roadmaps.

Here’s a little about our process.

Our roadmap begins with understanding your strategic goals. We read your strategic plan and conduct in-depth interviews with senior stakeholders, especially your in-house IT department.

We speak to a selection of other staff in various parts of the company to understand the challenges they’re faced with. This ensures we’ll make recommendations that take their experience at the coalface into account.

Where we need to, we’ll bring in product experts that match the software that your company uses, to spell out how you can get more out of the assets you already have as well as consider alternate solutions and implementation costs if it’s necessary.

We talk to your key software and hardware vendors so we can understand their technology roadmaps and ensure yours will be in sync or that incompatibilities are flagged and can be navigated.

When we have gathered insights from every part of your company we’ll evaluate the options available to you and produce a recommended set of steps for the next 3 to 5 years. Those steps will be spelt out in detail and also represented in an easy-to-understand infographic at the beginning of the document.

We’ll discuss, defend and mould the strategic plan with you until you sign-off on it.

Then it will become a management document, to be reported-on in your regular meetings.

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