Comprehensive Network Security Management

Increase control of your network with our comprehensive ICT Security Analysis, Secure Network Design, Implementation and Management services.

We have a Network Security team that specialises in analysing your current network against the requirements of your business, finding security holes and taking remedial action to fill them to protect your data and your brand against a damaging breach.

Let us tell you about the process we follow…

Top-to-Bottom Security Analysis

Our engagements begin with a conversation about your network and how your company uses it. We need to tie your corporate goals into our analysis so that our recommendations fit with your needs.

Then we commence a comprehensive security audit on your network. We look at where it’s hosted, what it’s hosted on, who has access and what redundancies are in place.  We examine all the end-points and we look at governance over policies to evaluate the checks and balances you have in place.

We may deploy software to examine the weak points of every device on your system and produce a map of your attack surface.

We may carry out mock hacking attempts.

We may even engage in social engineering, to test the human element of your security policies.

The particular contents of the audit are the result of negotiation before commencement.  At the end, however, we will have a solid set of recommendations to boost the security and resilience of your network.

Our recommendations will include all the steps you or we need to undertake to secure your network against the threats we have detected.

Network Security Design and Implementation

The results of our audit will show the current risks and the actions required to secure your network effectively.  We will move quickly to implement the recommendations that you accept.

With an eye on your business requirements and the cost implications, we will design a solution that covers both the technology and human elements in your network.

Our comprehensive approach means that your data and your applications will be protected with the same level of attention to detail as one of the Big Four banks.

Our default position is: you’re going to experience a data breach.  Here’s why that’s a good thing…

Numerous recent studies show that the likelihood of a data breach for any company is very high.  So our default position is that your company will experience one, whether it’s an employee mistake or an intentional attack by an external party.

It’s not a capitulation.  Instead, by taking that standpoint, we can design resilience into your network. A data breach response plan, secure backups, low Recovery Time Objectives (the time it takes to restore you to where you were before the breach) and frequent Recovery Point captures are balanced against the operational and cost considerations of your business to make a best-in-class plan. 

It means that IF you do experience a breach, you can bounce back in quick time and continue with operations while addressing the potential for a disclosure to the Information Commissioner in the most effective way.  

In effect, we design out the impact of a breach.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you today.