Network Design that delivers Increased Reliability and Productivity

The Solution Architects in our Project Services division specialise in Network Design and implementation. The goal of every network design is to deliver the right mix of these attributes:

  1. High availability
  2. High speed
  3. High redundancy
  4. Appropriate Data Sovereignty
  5. Low Cost relative to other solutions

Let us tell you how we’ll deliver that outcome…

Our Network Design Process

1. Business Need Extraction

We want to know how you want your network to support your company. So the first step in our network design process is to talk about your business requirements.

We’ll focus on the productivity, reliability and security issues in your current system, the vision you have for an upgrade and importantly, what your strategic goals are for the business in terms of user numbers, functionality and office locations 3, 5 and 10 years into the future.

Based on our discussion we may have gathered enough information or we may request some further information-gathering be undertaken, to help us specify the best solution. This may involve placing some network analysis software on your network to help us be sure of the volume and type of network traffic the new design will need to support.

2. Network Design and Options

Our team will product a network topology diagram backed by a comprehensive proposal and take you through it.

In most cases we present several options balancing the need for availability, reliability, security and cost and talk to you about the pro’s and con’s of each.

When you choose the recommendation that best suits our company, we’ll produce a Detailed Implementation Plan.

3. Detailed Implementation Plan

Migrating to a new network requires careful execution and testing to ensure that there’s no or minimal interruption to business as usual. Your Detailed Implementation Plan will take into account the everyday operations of your business, licenses, specific user requirements and more.

When completed, we’ll take you through it to gain your approval. Then, if you prefer, we can implement it for you.

4. Execution and Risk Migration

Our network engineers will follow your implementation plan to the letter, executing each element as required and minimising risk of business interruption as they go.

Your new network will be fully tested before cutover occurs.

In most cases, the result is a seamless transition.

Network Security is the Key Priority

Every network we design has to pass our in-house security tests before we present it to you. Not only that, but every network has to be built with multiple paths back to clean data in case of corruption.

Despite our rigorous approach to network security, we operate from the standpoint that a security failure is inevitable. So our networks are designed to permit ultra-short Recovery Point Objectives (how recent the data that you restore is) and Recovery Time Objectives (the amount of time before a recovery is performed).

With this mindset, the impact of the weakest part of any IT system – the human element which cannot be fully controlled – is mitigated.