MDM means More Control, More Productivity, Safer Data

The nature of work has changed. Employees demand access to business apps while on the go, and they don’t want to carry a second device just to provide a secure channel to their data.

Securing your data while permitting users to supply their own devices has been a huge challenge for IT in the past. To a large extent though, the challenge has been answered with XenMobile.

XenMobile is a mobile device management solution offered by Citrix. It is installed on users’ mobile devices and controlled through a centralised interface. It can be installed on-premises or run through a cloud interface, to best suit your needs.

It gives you access to a significant library of more than 155 business-ready applications and permits control over the content that can be accessed via the device.

We’re experts at using XenMobile to configure mobile fleets and ensure they conform to your security policies.

The next section will give you a taste of what we can do.

What Controls can we add to Your Mobile Fleet?

When a user enrols his or her device, we can provision policies and apps automatically, blacklist or whitelist apps, detect and protect against jailbroken devices, troubleshoot device and app issues, and fully or selectively wipe a device that is lost, stolen or out of compliance.

We can restrict the use of the camera.

We can apply a geofence to the device, outside of which it cannot be used to perform work-related functions.

We can chain these functions to only permit the user to work with your data the way you want. As an example, we can enforce a policy that says a user can only view PDF’s while they are within a certain geographic area.

But it’s not just about protecting data. Users need to be productive, so XenMobile comes with a suite of more than 155 compatible business apps from global brands that enable you to enforce policy compliance while permitting email, browsing, document sharing, note-taking, time management, project management and more.

Your users can use any device they choose. Using XenMobile we can secure the corporate content on the device.

You get comprehensive visual reporting with XenMobile as well as easy configuration tools. Get granular insight into what your users are doing while using devices running XenMobile. Use that insight to make informed network decisions that increase productivity.