Any Challenge, Anywhere

We’re a can-do kind of company. Can-do, anywhere.

We’ve slogged through the muddy jungles of an island off the coast of PNG to create a satellite connection that supported voice, data and a local 3G mobile network when no-one said it could be done.

We’ve moved the data centre attached to the biggest distribution facility in the southern hemisphere without interrupting deliveries.

We’ve managed the transfer of hundreds of retail stores from the network of one major Australian carrier to another, seamlessly over a three-month period.

Our project services team is ready to tackle your project and deliver successfully.

Why choose us for Your Project?

We promise superior delivery of IT, and we back it with a performance guarantee on every service. We’ll determine what’s most critical about your project and how to measure its success, and then we’ll apply a penalty if we fail to give you the confidence that we understand the scope and can do the job.

The upshot is that we’ll successfully deliver.  We have only paid out on our guarantee once, and it hurt to do so.  But that only goes to show that we are serious about delivering on-time, on-budget and we’ll overcome any obstacles that are in the way.

Chances are that we have even worked directly in your industry before.  Check out our Industry Expertise section for specific examples.

Here’s what some other clients have to say about our project services