Use our Outsourced CIO Service for Strategic Decision-making

The role of the Chief Information Officer in today’s world is as much about business management as it is about controlling the flow of, and access to, information.

The specialist skills involved in understanding a company’s business needs and taking the lead role in translating them into IT strategies and tactics is normally the province of a few highly experienced professionals.

Our Outsourced CIO service means that you can tap into those same skills at a fraction of the cost.

For CFO’s and CEO’s, that means you’re paying only for what you need. For IT Managers and CIO’s, it means extra resources to extend your capabilities and get more done sooner in your organisation.

Here’s what we can offer…

Our IT Consulting Services

Working with your senior team or other parts of your organisation as required, our consultants can deliver these discrete services and more:

  • IT Talent Search
  • WAN Aggregation Assistance
  • Application Portfolio Assessment and Rationalisation
  • Application Integration
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Change Management
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Licensing Review and Consolidation or Migration
  • Security Advice
  • IT Strategic Planning (IT Roadmap)
  • Budgeting and Cost-minimisation Strategies
  • Mobile Device Management Planning and Policy advice

Our IT Consulting Services lead to testimonials like these: