When you really need us, we’ll be there

95% or more of our work is focused on increasing productivity, increasing security and providing solutions to problems that are limiting our clients in some way.

But occasionally we’re called upon to rescue a client.

We’ve battled the effects of disgruntled IT staff. We’ve circumnavigated multiple carrier failures. We’ve restored terabytes of data caused by malware like Cryptolocker.

We’ve even battled tropical cyclones and the Brisbane floods to ensure it’s business as usual for our clients.

If you’re a client of ours, you can rest assured that if you every have an emergency event, we’ll be there to help you as soon as you let us know.

Even if we don’t know you yet. If you call us, we’ll be there to help you ASAP.

Here’s a real life testimonial

Horsey Jameson Bird is a long-standing client of Computer One. Access to data is the company’s lifeblood. When they experienced a system failure at midnight, we responded immediately.

We are the kind of company that simply cannot afford to have our computers down; so we are prepared to pay for top class service, and that’s exactly what we get from Computer One. Whenever I have the slightest problem I make a call and they fix the issue fast.

The best example of their speed and dedication to clients is this: Last November we had a hardware issue in a machine that pre-dated Computer One. It failed at midnight and shortly after, Computer One called me to say they were on it. They attended our office in the middle of the night and two technicians worked for the next 26 hours straight to get us back up and running.

In order to ensure that we had the best solution they were working on two different fixes to the problem at the same time while they awaited a major hardware supplier to locate nearby inventory.

In the end we lost just one business day and no data. That is value for money.

Helen Armstrong
Horsey Jameson Bird