Business Process Automation

Increase speed in your business by automating high volume, time-sensitive tasks.

Looking for new efficiency gains in your business?  Business Process Automation might be the answer.

Speed up the pace of your business and make fewer mistakes with less variation by automating high volume, time-sensitive tasks.  

Free up more employee time to concentrate on complex tasks only a human can perform.

The list of tasks you can automate in your business is nearly endless and we can help you convert all of them.

Let’s talk about your future.

If you’re looking for Business Process Automation, here’s why you should consider Computer One.

Business Process Automation. A man thinks about changing business processes in his company

We can automate these tasks and more

Flow can link up to 100 different services together to create customised workflows between your favourite software, and not just from the Microsoft stable either. 

  • Adding meeting events to your calendar
  • Backup and restoration
  • Call centre processes
  • Accounts Receivable Collections
  • Copying and pasting data between your tools
  • Creating sales proposal
  • CRM maintenance
  • Data aggregation and migration
  • E-mail and SMS notifications
  • Employee leave requests
  • Field Sales Team automation
  • Following-up with customers or leads
  • Invoicing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Payroll processing
  • Processing customer feedback
  • Procurement
  • Raising and fulfilling Purchase Orders
  • Routinely moving documents between apps or folders
  • Sales orders
  • Sending and collecting documents for signing
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • User Offboarding
  • User Onboarding

Native Software or Custom Build?
We can do both

Depending on your application set, you may find there’s some latent abilities already available to you.  As an example, Office 365 packages come with Flow, which is a workflow organisation tool. 

Flow can link up to 100 different services together to create customised workflows between your favourite software, and not just from the Microsoft stable either. 

It can link MailChimp, Twitter, Gmail, Salesforce, Adobe Creative Suite, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Intercom and many, many more.

If you don’t have access to Flow or any other latent functionality, we can always custom-build software to create your automation.  Our skilled coders can produce practically any function on your system from scratch.

It all begins with a consulting engagement.

Automation begins with Consultancy

Before we commence automating any of your processes there’s typically a consultancy engagement where we help you to accurately determine the processes to automate. 

First, we’ll observe and map your current business processes, to identify gaps and find opportunities for automation likely to deliver a good return on investment.

Then we’ll help you work out the costs and benefits of automating (or not) and we’ll help you determine the automation platform that best suits your operation.

Only then is it time to use native features of an application or custom build an automation for you.

Once your automation is tested and launched live, we’ll be there to help iron out any bugs and deploy new features. Of course, if you’ve already been through a similar process and you’re ready to begin, we can certainly help

Business Process Automation

World-class Service is Standard

The international benchmark for client satisfaction with Managed IT Services is the Net Promoter Score.  It’s the same, standardised question no matter where y ou go: “On a scale from 1-10, how likely would you be to refer our service to colleagues and friends?”

We regularly test and benchmark our NPS against the best IT providers in the world, and our score rivals and exceeds them every month.  Our Managed IT Service is quite honestly, World-Class.

We’re very proud and have worked hard to achieve it.  It’s your promise of excellent service.

Let’s talk about how Business Process Automation can help your operation. 

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