Data Backup and Recovery Service

We offer a state-of-the-art cloud backup and recovery service to ensure that no matter how or when your front-end technology fails, you can be back up and running in minutes.

A Data Backup and Recovery Service will prevent getting caught out when your local storage fails.

Poor backup configuration, ineffective testing, and failing to establish a long-term backup regime can cost your business everything when something goes wrong and you lose your in-use data permanently.

Also known as Backup-as-a-Service, you can combine our backup service with other managed services or consume it as a standalone. So, let’s talk.  We can backup your data safely and cost-effectively for as long as you want to retain it. 

If you’re looking for a Data Backup and Recovery Service, consider Computer One.

Data Backup and Recovery Service. A Computer One Team Member  designs a cloud backup solution

Our Data Backup and Recovery Service Features


No capital expense. Take advantage of our private or public infrastructure to produce the cloud backup service that suits you, then pay monthly for only the resources you consume.

Public or Private

We have equipment in some of Australia’s most secure, systems-redundant data centres or you can take advantage of public cloud offerings like MS Azure.

Australian Sovereignty

Keep your data on home soil and avoid international legal complications.

Legal Hold

Rest easy knowing that you’re compliant with the regulations governing your industry for long-term data retention.

Vendor Independent

Veeam, Barracuda, Microsoft products and more can all be configured to execute your backups and restores. We will recommend the software best suited to your requirements.

Fast Backup

Our solutions use the latest data compression algorithms to reduce file size during backup, ensuring the most efficient use of your bandwidth.

Fast Restores

Our service desk is always available to respond to a request to restore a file, a folder or an entire machine.

Frequent Save Points

We can tailor your backup service to take a single Recovery Point snapshot every day, all the way to an instantly-available mirror of all your data.

Cloud to tape for long-term archiving

For long-term archiving of your data at a very cost-effective rate, we can schedule a cloud-to-tape service with secure physical storage

World-class Service is Standard

The international benchmark for client satisfaction with Managed IT Services is the Net Promoter Score.  It’s the same, standardised question no matter where y ou go: “On a scale from 1-10, how likely would you be to refer our service to colleagues and friends?”

We regularly test and benchmark our NPS against the best IT providers in the world, and our score rivals and exceeds them every month.  Our Managed IT Service is quite honestly, World-Class.

We’re very proud and have worked hard to achieve it.  It’s your promise of excellent service.

It’s also what leads to testimonials like these…

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