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Office 365 tips and traps for the unwary

Office 365 Tips

Office 365 is now in its 5th year of officialdom, but it’s a product with some decent pedigree, stretching all the way back to Microsoft’s purchase of Hotmail in 1997 for around $400 million.

In its efforts to produce a productivity suite that fits all users: individual, small business and corporate, Microsoft has introduced a bit of confusion in the market as to what exactly O365 is and which version is best for your needs.

To resolve that confusion we recently delivered a presentation to some leading Queensland mid-size businesses (between 20 and 250 staff) considering a move to O365.

Our presentation was somewhat technical towards the end when we’re talking about particular traps for the unwary, but if you’re after a guide that can help you learn more about what the product is, where it’s most useful and some gotcha’s to be aware of, our presentation is a good start.

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