For you, IT has to be an enabler

In the Retirement and Aged Care industry, IT can be the difference between “business as usual” and everything coming to a stop.

Our service ensures that your critical systems aren’t just up, but are operating as required, 24 hours a day.

We place computerised agents on your network that function like a real person, continually probing your key software to ensure that it’s operating normally and available for your staff and suppliers.

We find and proactively patch vulnerabilities in your network just waiting to be exploited by hackers who could hold your business to ransom.

We ensure the integrity of your critical data through managing your back-up processes and we can design a network that is practically impossible to take offline.

We save on cost in multiple ways, we increase service reliability and we increase your satisfaction with your IT all around.

We look forward to discussing your IT needs.

We’ve done it all before

Anyone can say that they are an expert company in your industry, but we have a solid history of meeting and exceeding expectations.

Here’s a brief taste of our recent IT experience:

  1. We have consolidated 8 separate phone systems into one, halving phone bills
  2. We moved an entire data centre for a major firm in just two weekends, without interrupting services
  3. We have delivered in excess of 99.99% uptime across email and file access services for all Managed Services clients
  4. We deliver 24-hour x 7 day coverage for servers, phones and desktop computers
  5. We designed a network to support VoIP phones and computer systems that is self-healing and practically uninterruptible
  6. We saved software license fees in the order of $110,000
  7. We worked for 36 hours straight to restore network services and data for a client whose server (not managed by us) failed.

That’s just a small snapshot of what we do every day.  No matter what the challenge, from strategic consultancy to hands-on implementation, we’re the team for the job.  We’re fast, we can scale up (or down) quickly to match your needs and we speak in plain terms.

Let’s talk about your IT

We Promise Superior Delivery of IT

We promise superior delivery of your IT and we back up that promise by applying a performance guarantee to every service we provide.

No other IT company is so proactive about putting some skin in the game and staking its own money on the delivery of critical performance.  We figure it’s just the right thing to do.

After all, if your support company is as good as it claims, shouldn’t it be prepared to suffer a penalty if it fails?

So why not trial us with no ongoing obligation?  Talk to us and we’ll tackle a small project that allows you to evaluate our skills and attitude – you won’t be obligated to use us for anything else.  We promise that you’ll be impressed.

Our entire team is located in Australia.  We don’t offshore our help-desk functionality and leave you stranded once you’ve signed on the bottom line