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Exinda’s Network Orchestrator can Improve Your Network Performance by 200-300%

Exinda Network Orchestrator - Computer One provides an endorsement

We don’t provide endorsements lightly. We regard ourselves as a vendor-agnostic managed IT service provider, focused on the needs of the end-user and the business requirements and able to specify exactly the right solution in each case because we’re not tied to recommending only a certain brand or product

That’s why it’s important that we are recommending Exinda’s Network Orchestrator.

Network Orchestrator is the core software on each of 6 different appliances designed for small offices through to corporate data centres. It is also available as a software-only, virtual appliance.

No matter which appliance we recommend for your company, Network Orchestrator delivers great value on a number of levels.

1. It enhances network speed. Slow networks are the bane of office life. Less optimised network controllers treat network traffic more or less equally, meaning that your least important users or devices are capable of clogging-up bandwidth that could be better utilised by more important processes.

2. It enhances availability. It has a built-in local cache for remote branches, it’s smart enough to data sync when available and it can deal with latency issues up to 600ms (e.g., satellite communications) while providing seamless connectivity.

3. It tells you who is hogging your bandwidth. As soon as we install the device on your network it will begin gathering data that can pinpoint which devices, and which users, are responsible for consuming bandwidth inefficiently.

4. It’s highly granular. After consultation with you we can add many layers of rules to your Network Orchestrator device that it will apply consistently in order to concentrate your bandwidth on the most productive uses.

We can apply network access policies that call on any or all of these attributes:

  • User
  • Group
  • Time of day
  • Endpoint Device
  • Network Device
  • Operating System
  • IP address
  • Location

5. It’s supported locally. There’s a team of experts available to support us as we support you. That means that even very challenging applications (like when we wanted to use an Exinda device on an island off the coast of the Northern Territory to boost a 3G signal’s capability into something like a city-quality network) are quickly broken down and resolved.

If you have more than 20 staff or 2+ branches, it’s a network essential

It enhances your experience of cloud services and goes hand-in-hand with products like Citrix XenApp. When you need your workspace to be available and responsive, Network Orchestrator plays a key role in ensuring you and your team stay productive throughout the day, not just when a certain percentage of users leave the network.

If your users are consuming all the available bandwidth and you are unable to access or unwilling to afford a fatter pipe of data (which might just be used up by bandwidth hogs anyway), Exinda’s Network Orchestrator is the answer.

When implemented correctly, it can boost the value you’re getting out of your network investment by a factor up to 300%.

Those kind of results mean we are proud to endorse the Exinda Network Orchestrator range.

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