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When was the last time you evaluated the efficiency of your business processes? And what about the last time you researched how the latest technology could help you to gain competitive advantage while reducing cost? Like many businesses, your answer is probably along the lines of ‘not sure’ or ‘can’t remember’.

If you want to remain competitive in the digital age, digital transformation consulting and modernising your IT is essential.

According to the Enterprise Strategy Group’s 2018 IT transformation maturity study, 81% of survey respondents agree if they do not embrace IT transformation, their organisation will no longer be competitive in their markets (this is up from 71% in 2017). Of the 4,000 organisations that participated in the survey, 96% said they already have digital transformation initiatives underway.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation involves the incorporation of current digital technology into every aspect of a business’s operations (as well as getting rid of outdated processes and technologies). Digital transformation fundamentally changes how a business operates and how it delivers value to its customers. Digital transformation consulting will make your business more efficient, profitable, competitive, resilient and customer-friendly.

Although the ways businesses carry out digital transformations depend on their unique challenges and demands, there are a few common themes. For example, digital transformation often involves using technology to:

  • Refine the customer experience
  • Improve telecommunications
  • Improve operational agility
  • Foster culture and leadership
  • Streamline operational processes

A Nationwide Example of Digital Transformation


Woolworths is currently undergoing one of Australia’s largest IoT projects, installing sensors throughout its supply chain to track fresh produce ‘from farm to fork’. According to Patrick Misciagna, the General Manager of IT Service Operations and Infrastructure, “We’re looking at putting internet of things devices – and we have already – everywhere from the farms, vineyards that we run, to dairy farms, to see from beginning to end what has happened… We’ll be able to keep track of how much sunlight and water its crops receive, when produce is picked up by a truck, how long it is refrigerated in transit, how fast it is travelling and even how bumpy the roads are”.

Woolworths then plans to make some of this data available to shoppers, so that they can check the provenance of their goods. “We’re doing some very cool things with IoT in the stores – customers will be able to scan over the food product with their phone and actually see the entire journey that piece of fruit or meat took throughout its life.”

Woolworths also currently uses smart fridges, lights and thermostats, which helps them to maximise efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

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How Can Computer One Assist with Digital Transformation?

The most common issue holding a business back from digital transformation is not knowing where to start or who to call to get the transformation underway. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

We have designed a super-simple, two-stage process we call “Practical Digital Transformation”.

In Stage 1, we help the business identify and evaluate the returns from a digital transformation project as well as prioritise the available projects based on anticipated returns to the business.

And in Stage 2, we form a cross-business project team to execute the most important project(s) in your list.  We supply the required technology expertise and project management – you supply the internal knowledge to make sure the project delivers the results as intended.

Our aim is to make your digital transformation as simple as possible so that you identify and prioritise the right aspects of transformation, bed down the changes easier and enjoy the returns faster.

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Want to enquire about a Digital Transformation Consulting project or engage in a Business and IT workshop? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today. We also recommend that you read our previous post, Is Your Organisation Capable of a Digital Transformation?

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