Computer One helps a Major SEQ Charity

Computer One secured the IT of a major QLD Charity

19-01-2016.  Recently, a fast-paced IT project came from an unlikely source. A respected and long standing charitable organisation that offers literally dozens of services to the Brisbane and wider South East Queensland community.

With over 500 staff, the company is also a service hub for related centres located around the country, providing an Infrastructure-as-a-Service product that provides cost benefits for the participants.

Some expected but dramatic IT personnel changes left the charity feeling they required assistance very quickly, so they reached out to Computer One.

The charity’s management felt they needed establish some additional controls around the infrastructure and IT services, and bolster their capacity should there be any problems.

The Computer One team enacted what we call “Rapid On-boarding”. In layman’s terms we:

  1. Captured and documented the operating environment as built
  2. Ensured it was secure and that the data recovery systems were working
  3. Provided an interim help desk solution
  4. Performed a risk assessment
  5. Quickly established where the knowledge gaps were, and
  6. Created a roadmap for remediation activities

After the first 48 hours we set about capturing system information from the heads of the IT support staff and the system’s application owners. This information was used to map the application dependencies within the infrastructure, control change so that system stability was kept high and ensure that everyone who touched the environment knew exactly how it worked.

As always, the documents became the property of the client. They will help to mitigate future risks of disruption and support delay, even if Computer One is no longer on the scene.

When the intensity of the first week had passed, we began delivering a flexible Managed IT Services package. The company was not ready to outsource all levels of support, so the goal was to offer a help desk for as long as needed while we assisted them to recruit a new IT Manager.

Now, a number of months on from our initial engagement, we continue to provide support to the charity, working collaboratively to meet the demands of this dynamic organisation.

The system has been stable for many months. In all, it was a model Disaster Aversion project, designed to give the organisation the necessary information and ability to make educated decisions about the future of IT Services, and an experience we’re proud to say we had.