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Client in Focus: The Turner Group

The Turner Group

It’s fair to say that the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, to give it its official title) has knocked the world for six and is on its way to 100, not out.

Despite that, at Computer One, you could say we’re all feeling somewhat lucky. We’re in one of the least-affected countries, working in an industry that is essential (IT has to keep going or everything stops), and our clients are fantastic.

In a time when many businesses could have been forgiven for losing the plot under the stress of COVID-19’s impact, our clients have stayed calm and measured in their expectations and been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Here’s an example of just one of our clients, as an illustration of what we have enjoyed with so many.

The Turner Group is a recruitment agency in Brisbane but serves clients as far afield as PNG. Headlined by industry stalwart, Martin Turner, the agency has a reputation for trustworthiness and delivery of candidates that tick all the right boxes.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic (only around 70 days ago as of the time of writing) when it became clear that pretty much the entire country would have to begin working from home if it was possible, The Turner Group (TTG) was one of many clients that we helped to transition.

With an eye on performance and security, knowing that it may be an extended time until the WFH measures were rolled back, our project team had TTG up and running in a matter of days. The goal was to ensure each team member’s connectivity to key applications, and that the team could communicate almost as well out of the office as in and Computer One delivered in record time.

That was the scene repeated time-after-time. Of course, not every transition went perfectly, and occasionally we have had to perform rework to iron out performance issues. But, on the whole, we were surprised at our own ability to deliver and our clients’ patience and spirit of collaboration.

For their part, Turner Group gave thanks to Computer One, saying: “A huge shout out to our trusted IT service partner Computer One, who have worked rapidly and professionally, to ensure all our staff are fully setup to work from home and we won’t miss a beat!

Thank-you, TTG. And thank-you to all our clients.


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