LG IoT Security Bug Highlights the Risks of Internet-enabled Devices

Home automation

Forbes predicts that by 2025, we’ll have over 80 billion smart devices on the internet. Although IoT simplifies numerous tasks at work and home, there are a number of security risks that come with the technology. Anyone who purchases IoT appliances should be aware of these risks.

Wifi Security Flaw Detected that Leaves Devices Vulnerable – Patch Your Wifi Soon

Wifi security flaw

“All Your Wifi Connected Devices Are Potentially Vulnerable” That’s the conclusion from James Walker, MD of Computer One after reviewing international research that also prompted the US Department of Homeland Security to issue an official warning. What's the story? Well, a wifi security flaw has been discovered and it’s serious. The flaw could be used to hack into any device that uses Wifi, including phones, computers, PlayStations, smart fridges and a multitude of other devices.

Blockchain Rising – Microsoft the Latest Corporation to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology

Blockchain isn’t going away anytime soon. The transformational technology is an increasingly hot topic in tech circles, and more and more enterprises are looking to invest in the concept.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: How IaaS Providers Create Fast, Resilient Networks

IaaS Providers

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is predicted to be the fastest growing aspect of cloud computing in the near future, and organisations are more likely than ever to trust IaaS providers for reliable and flexible infrastructure.

How Unified Communications and IP Phone Systems Can Boost Efficiency

IP Phone Systems

Time is crucial in modern business operations, and yet it is still commonplace for larger businesses to use ISDN or PSTN lines and other antiquated communication methods when better options are available.

Is Your Network Safe from Invasion? Why You Should Consider an IT Security Audit

IT security audit

While most organisations in 2017 have adopted security programs that successfully defend against cyber attacks, malware can still infect networks by way of unexpected sources. Personal USB drives, phones and laptops are used to access repositories of company information, but many organisations have not conducted an IT security audit that evaluates the risks they pose. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a thumb drive can be utilised to catastrophic effect by hackers, as we explain.

The Value of Customised Network Security Services from a Virtual CISO

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In an evolving cyber security landscape, businesses are searching for means to proactively mitigate the threat of network compromise. While large enterprises are able to hire permanent Chief Information Security Officers to enact overarching security plans, the salaries commanded by CISOs mean they are often out of reach for medium-sized businesses.

Where Are We Heading? Four Speculations on the Future of IT Consulting in Australia

IT Consulting future thumbnail

The future of information technology is a moving target. New technologies play an ever-increasing role in how our businesses operate, and services and demands can change at an alarming rate. We have made four speculations on the future of IT consulting in Australia’s business landscape.  

What Is Application Whitelisting? How It Can Fortify Your Business Against Ransomware

IT Consultancy application whitelisting

Application whitelisting has been listed by the Australian Signals Directorate as the most effective strategy in mitigating cyber security threats. Despite this, organisations are often oblivious to the value of application whitelisting, or reticent to go through the process of adopting it. While it may not be a panacea to protecting your digital assets, well-executed application whitelisting in the hands of a skilled IT consultancy will provide a robust defence against ever-changing cyber attacks.

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring: The Case For A Managed Services Provider

vulnerability management

One of the more valuable services offered by a managed services provider (MSP) is continuous vulnerability monitoring.  It’s an ongoing security process that forms a major pillar of a complete security program.