The Value of Customised Network Security Services from a Virtual CISO

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In an evolving cyber security landscape, businesses are searching for means to proactively mitigate the threat of network compromise. While large enterprises are able to hire permanent Chief Information Security Officers to enact overarching security plans, the salaries commanded by CISOs mean they are often out of reach for medium-sized businesses.

Where Are We Heading? Four Speculations on the Future of IT Consulting in Australia

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The future of information technology is a moving target. New technologies play an ever-increasing role in how our businesses operate, and services and demands can change at an alarming rate. We have made four speculations on the future of IT consulting in Australia’s business landscape.  

What Is Application Whitelisting? How It Can Fortify Your Business Against Ransomware

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Application whitelisting has been listed by the Australian Signals Directorate as the most effective strategy in mitigating cyber security threats. Despite this, organisations are often oblivious to the value of application whitelisting, or reticent to go through the process of adopting it. While it may not be a panacea to protecting your digital assets, well-executed application whitelisting in the hands of a skilled IT consultancy will provide a robust defence against ever-changing cyber attacks.

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring: The Case For A Managed Services Provider

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One of the more valuable services offered by a managed services provider (MSP) is continuous vulnerability monitoring.  It’s an ongoing security process that forms a major pillar of a complete security program.

Technology And Techniques – Machine Learning To Prevent Cyber Fraud And Identity Theft

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In the battle against cyber fraud and identity theft, we consider programs capable of machine learning to be vital in mitigating risk.

The Potential of Blockchain Technology For IT Consultants – Can It Revolutionise Information Security?

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When it comes to internet security, the professionals seeking to keep transactions secure can often only be reactive to hackers. New concepts are often introduced, but one that is gaining momentum with IT consultants is blockchain technology.

The Rise Of Cyber Fraud And Identity Theft – What IT Service Providers Should Know

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We know cyber fraud and identity theft to be common threats in the digital age, but the scale of the problem in Australia might come as a shock.

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