2018 Internet Security Threat Report Details Rise of Cryptojacking and Supply Chain Attacks

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American security company Symantec boasts one of the most comprehensive repositories of cybersecurity threat intelligence in the world. The company has released their annual report that highlights trends in the cybercrime threat landscape.

Centrepoint Finance endorses Computer One’s Services

In this new video Megan Muggleton, Chief Technology Officer, talks about the relationship between Centrepoint Finance and Computer One

It happens to the best of us: how would you detect a data breach?

IT News reports that last week an IT Manager at Collins Foods, operators of hundreds of KFC stores across the country, accidentally clicked on a malicious link in an email, allowing hackers to briefly take over his or her email account and issue fake invoices to contacts. How would you spot such an attack in progress?

31 Data Breach Notifications in 3 Weeks under New Scheme

In just 3 weeks the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme has received 31 notifications. Is your firm prepared for the possibility?

How to Combat Typosquatting: Defensive Domain Registration Techniques That Protect Your Business

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Website domain name fraud has been an issue for larger businesses for some time, and recent statistics show that many organisations go to great lengths to curb the threat.

Fake Customer-Support Accounts on the Rise: How Your Business Can Maintain Consumer Trust

In an era where online business trust is more vital than ever before, cybercriminals are frequently creating fake customer support accounts to steal user credentials, typically as the first step in an attack to harvest bank accounts.

Spear-Phishing Prevention: Five Steps to Thwart Online Scams

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Spear-phishing isn’t going anywhere, and the malicious practice can pose a real threat at organisational level.

Government-Sponsored Mobile Malware Campaign Uncovered: Why You Need to Be Cautious with Mobile Downloads

A mobile-targeted cyber espionage campaign dubbed ‘Dark Caracal’ has been uncovered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and security firm Lookout.

Are you ready for the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme? How do you know for sure?

The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme is less than a month away. Is your organisation prepared?

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your IT Security? Here Are 6 IT Nightmares to Learn From in 2018

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A new year’s resolution that should be on every company’s list is to improve IT security and make sure that your IT staff are as effective as possible.