Solomon Islands see the light (almost)

Solomon Islands and PNG get fibre optic cable

The Solomon Islands and PNG are almost ready to connect to a fibre optic cable project that will change lives forever. We can't wait!

How safe is your network? You won’t know until you run an Information Security Audit

white collar criminal hiding behind acting mask

This week we saw a scary real-life example of how you can be hacked and not even know it. Only an information security audit can tell you where the gaps in your security are located.

Computer One Partners with Global X to deliver IT Security Update

Phishing image

Recently, Computer One was invited by leading Australian software developer for the legal and conveyancing sector, GlobalX, to jointly deliver an information security update for lawyers and conveyancers.

Computer One amongst the World’s Best IT firms… again

Computer One is the MSP 501 Winner

We're proud to announce that we have once again made the MSP501 - the annual list of the world's best Managed IT Firms.

How Your Law Firm can gain (or claw back) Competitive Advantage through IT

Lawyer pleased with IT

The IT function has evolved from simply "keeping the lights on" in the modern law firm to a source of competitive advantage (or a shield against disadvantage). Consider these three suggestions for your own firm.

7 IT Trend Predictions for the Next 3 Years

IT Trend Predictions

Bearing in mind the recent election prediction fail, what better time to pull out our crystal ball and declare we know the future of IT?

Considering a Net Promoter Score programme? Here’s our experience

Net Promoter Score in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Learn what our Net Promoter Score has done for Computer One and the benefits you might earn for your own company by starting one

What kind of relationship should you have with your Managed IT provider (and how can you improve yours)?

How is your relationship with your Managed IT Service Provider?

Seven attributes of a great relationship with a Managed IT Service Provider. How many are present in yours?

How can you Adapt SharePoint to Suit Your Business?

How can you adapt sharepoint to your business - image features a young woman looking at different screen types all configured for different sharepoint applications

SharePoint is one of the hidden gems of Office 365. It’s a ready-built platform for document collaboration and workflow that comes set up with everything you need, right out of the box.

Three Easily-actioned Steps to get more from your Managed IT Service Provider

Add more value to your Managed IT Service relationship - image

No matter if you’re a rusted-on client who would never switch or someone looking for a new Managed IT Service Provider, these three steps will deliver more value without adding extra cost.