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Another Tick for the Bucket List

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Boxing Day always heralds the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Thousands turn out on Sydney Harbour to watch the sails of more than one hundred boats as they depart Port Jackson and turn south for Tasmania.

For the staff at Computer One however, this year the connection was closer to home. James Walker, Managing Director, is also a keen yachtsman and this Boxing Day he competed in the blue water classic for the 2nd time.

James sailed aboard a yacht named “Yeah Baby” where he took the role of Navigator. His job was to analyse the available meteorological information, ocean currents and the competition to help the skipper position the boat for success.

The team finished in a very commendable 4th in their Division and 23rd on Line Honours.

So after spending almost three days sharing a boat with 12 other crew, enduring 35 knot winds (for those who are non-sailors, this is a pretty intense wind) and 3 metre seas, would James do it again? “You bet”, he says. “It gives you a much better appreciation for what you’re capable of plus it’s a great way to end one year and begin the next! The Sydney to Hobart is such a challenging race, and it throws everything at you. Everyone on the race track is primed to perform at their best which lifts you to another level. But to get the job done, you have to work as a team, and pull your mates through – it’s a mental and physical endurance, and environment where everyone has a role, and you have to trust them to execute. I’ll be back again for sure”.

Update: James was scheduled to participate in the 2020 race but unfortunately, as we all know, the Covid pandemic caused it to be cancelled. You can find an updated profile on James at this link.


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